Hilariously overly-dramatic GoPro footage gets hundreds of thousands of views on YouTube

From extreme sports to dangerous encounters, GoPros were made for viral content. We're not sure this is what the creators had in mind, though...

Matt Dyson uploaded a video to YouTube with footage of his newly purchased GoPro.

It depicts Dyson pressure washing his path and at time of writing has amassed over 835,000 views, somehow.

He also takes the time to draw some particularly phallic art during the cleaning. You've been warned.

The video description, simply reads:

And people said my life wasn't "awesome" enough to own a GoPro!

Well played Matt, well played.

The concept has been touched on before by a man called Mike Fry, who bought a GoPro last year and contrasted some other people’s extreme footage with his own, brilliantly.

Prepare to be enthralled, and see the reason why below:

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