The Islington Gazette gave the best and most comprehensive coverage of the Beast from the East
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In what can only be referred to as top-tier journalism, the Islington Gazette went above and beyond with their reporting of the 'Beast from the East', the freezing Siberian winds currently sweeping across the UK and central Europe:

Islington, it has snowed

It's so beautifully succinct and to the point, what more could you want from your local news?

We have no doubt this amazing line will go down in history and be repeated with the same frequency as the likes of 'Houston, we have a problem'.

The Islington Gazette didn't stop there either, adding:

For anyone looking at the Gazette before they look outside, it has snowed.

The article drew in a lot of attention and this tweet sums it up quite well:

One Twitter user photoshopped what I'm sure we all hope to be a future article in the Islington Gazette:

Make sure to give the article a read here.

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