Just two years after being built, Donetsk airport lies in a state of ruin

Donetsk Airport's main terminal building, May 2012
Donetsk Airport's main terminal building, May 2012

Donetsk's Sergey Prokofiev airport was newly renovated to coincide with Ukraine's hosting of the European football championship in 2012, but little over two years later it lies in state of ruin...

Donetsk Airport's main terminal building, September 2014 (Picture: AP)

Despite a truce being signed on September 5, the government-held airport in the heart of the unofficial Donbass People's Republic has come under attack from rebels in recent weeks with at least nine people being killed yesterday.

Ukraine spent an estimated $14.5bn (£8.9bn) in preparation for the 2012 tournament which it co-hosted with Poland - building two new stadiums and four new airports.

It was hoped that five million passengers would be passing through the airport annually by 2015, unfortunately that now seems unlikely...

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