Justin Trudeau roasted for climate change march tweet

Justin Trudeau roasted for climate change march tweet

He's recently got himself in some (a lot) of hot water over resurfacing photos wearing blackface, but now, Justin Trudeau is getting roasted on Twitter for tweeting about the climate march.

In a tweet posted on September 27, Trudeau shared a picture of himself taking part in one of the many climate change marches that happened all over the world last week.

He added the caption, "Today we marched for our planet, for our kids, and for their future".

While it's heartening to see anyone in power seem to care at all about climate change, some people raised some valid points.

Like, if people are marching to try and make the people in power take action, what's the point of him marching? Shouldn't he be making deals or actively battling climate change?

Others pointed out the hypocrisy in Canada's own (very high) CO2 output.

Another said:

I'm sorry but are the dirty mining activities caused by Canadian companies, that are damaging several ecosystems in Mexico, located in a different planet?

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