People are furious that EU flags were being waved at the Proms

People are furious that EU flags were being waved at the Proms

Last night at the BBC’s Last Night of the Proms, pro-Brexit campaigners were left furious after remain campaigners waved EU flags during the finale of the festival.

For the fourth year in a row, the EU Flags Proms Team helped to hand out an estimated 50,000 EU flags to the audience. Additionally, dozens of audience members were seen wearing blue EU-themed berets.

Kate Hobbs, one of the organisers, said that she hopes the flags serve as a “timely reminder” that music is a “universal language which unites people“.

Naturally, leave voters took to Twitter to rage about the flags. “European flags at The Proms, are you serious, shameful at this politically heated time. Speechless,” said one. Another tweeted, “The Remoaners have hijacked a British institution with all the EU flags at The Last Night Of The Proms”.

The move was divisive, with many other Twitter users praising the flags as unifying and joyful. “It is possible to be patriotic and internationalist at the same time,” said one.

The EU flag wasn’t the only non-Union Jack waved last night. American mezzo-soprano and proud bisexual Jamie Barton waved a rainbow flag and showed off the inside of her gown, which had the same colours as the bisexual flag. Barton said that for her, she felt it was, “important for me to stand up proudly as a bisexual woman”.

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