Black Lives Matter protester seen carrying injured ‘far-right’ protester to safety in London

Black Lives Matter protester seen carrying injured ‘far-right’ protester to safety in London

Yesterday there was violence on the streets of London as far-right protesters clashed with police.

Having originally formed under the guise of counter protesting Black Lives Matter protests, the far-right protests went ahead even though BLM protests were called off.

Now a remarkable image captures a Black Lives Matter protester carrying an injured white man to safety as violence broke out.

The image was captured by a Reuters photographer and appears to show a black man carrying a white man over his shoulders to safety.

Eyewitnesses identified the injured man as far-right protester and said he was rescued by a Black Lives Matter activist as animosity was briefly set aside on a day of clashes in the capital. According to Reuters journalists at the scene, the man had been badly beaten, before other protesters stepped in to protect him.

Violence had erupted between far-right protesters and police, the public, journalists and a small number of anti-racist protesters. Far-right groups were heard racial slurs at the anti-racism protesters, and many were seen punching police and throwing bottles. The Metropolitan Police said it had arrested five people for offences including violent disorder and assault on police and that six officers had suffered minor injuries.

Though it is undoubtedly heartening to see this despicable behaviour can be put aside to help someone who was in need.

On social media, people thought the image was had an important message: to not let ourselves be divided.

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