Polish lorry driver essentially tells UK where to shove it over temporary visa scheme to fix supply issues

In the UK, a shortage of lorry drivers has left us with supply issues that have led to mass panic buying in petrol stations across the country.

Thanks to significant factors like Brexit and the Covid-19 pandemic there are fewer drivers to make deliveries of goods.

In an attempt to alleviate the shortages which led to the crisis, the government is introducing temporary visas for foreign lorry drivers.

Under the plans, 10,500 lorry drivers and poultry workers can receive special visas entitling them to work in the UK in the run-up to Christmas, until Christmas Eve – a busy period in these industries.

But, in a clip that originally aired on Good Morning Britain and later reshared widely on Twitter, a Polish lorry driver made his thoughts on the temporary visa very clear.

The truck driver said: “I do not think anyone would want to relocate 3-months just to help the British sort out their Christmas.”

The irony has also not been lost that the UK voted to leave the EU but is now seeking labour from migrant workers to help the country in crisis.

One person on Twitter wrote: “This is what the British public deserve tbh. As seen by the votes, this is what they voted for!”

Another said: “Good. We shouldn’t just use them and ditch them as we please.”

In response to criticism, the Conservative’s Transport Secretary Grant Shapps said on BBC’s The Andrew Marr Show that the government did not want to “undercut” British workers, but wouldn’t “stand by and watch queues forming”.

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