Labour doesn’t have a magic money tree – but Brexiteers did have a magic money bus

Christopher Furlong/Getty Images

In case you haven't heard - there's no magic money tree. At least, that's what the Conservative party keep saying in a strong and stable sort of way.

In the leader's debate last week, Amber Rudd said it, and it was repeated several times last night by Theresa May during her BBC Question Time interview ("we think it might be the new 'strong and stable leadership" or "long term economic plan")

She accused Labour using a 'magical money tree' to fund a Labour government, despite the opposition party claiming they had done the maths.

Some people have pointed out that in the absence of a mythical tree that produces money, Labour have instead said they plan on increasing tax on the top 5 per cent of owners to fund their manifesto costings.

Vote Leave however, did have a magical money bus, that managed to find £350 million a week to give to the NHS.

In case you can't remember, a year ago (yes, it's only been a year), the Vote Leave campaign plastered "We send the EU £350 million a week, let's fund our NHS instead" on their campaign bus.

Only, to promptly ditch the plan as soon as they won the referendum.

And before you say the Tories and Vote Leave aren't the same thing (we know), but a lot of the key players involved in Vote Leave are the ones shouting about a "magic money tree" over and over.

Funny that.

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