Millennials are the most narcissistic generation ever


We might not agree on phone etiquette, or what to put on the radio – but there’s one thing older and younger generations agree on.

Millennials (born between 1980 and 1994) are the most narcissistic – according to a study that consulted both millennials and their grandparents’ generations,

But there is one thing they disagree on: the extent of their narcissism. Older generations think millennials' narcissism goes beyond what millennials themselves will admit.

Joshua Grubbs, a doctoral candidate in clinical psychology at Case Western Reserve University, askedmillennialsand adults 60 years and older to rank generations on their narcissism.

The older group rankedmillennials65.3 on a 100-point narcissism scale, whereasmillennialsrated themselves as 61.4, according to theHuffingtonPost.

He also found that millennials don’t like being called narcissistic, even though they admit to having the trait.

But having this label might not be a good thing.

Grubbs said:

Over time, the ‘narcissistic’ label could impact how millennials feel, their mental health (and) their attitudes about themselves and general generation

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