Nigel Farage is viewed less favourably than his party
Nigel Farage is viewed less favourably than his party

Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage sparked outrage after tweeting that Covid disruption due to the new strain of the virus “should make No Deal easy”.

The European Parliament appeared to laud the continent being “cut off”.

Less than an hour later, however, he responded to the news that France was blocking lorry movement from across the Channel because of the new Covid strain by claiming the UK are “dealing with thugs and bullies who want to make us sign a bad deal”.

“Time to walk away, to hell with the EU,” Farage added.

Social media users responded to his comments by questioning the impact of a no-deal Brexit on supply chains and potential threats of shortages to food, medical drugs and manufacturing components.

More than 30 countries have now banned arrivals from the UK because of concerns about the spread of the new variant of coronavirus.

States to impose a ban include Belgium, Germany, Ireland as well as Italy, and EU members are meeting to discuss a co-ordinated response.

People reacted to the Brexit Party leader’s remarks on social media.

Farage was also mocked with some Twitter users pointing out the outcome was effectively what the Brexiteer said he wanted this whole time.

Farage said he wants Prime Minister Boris Johnson to walk away from negotiations without a deal. But critics warn this could be disastrous.

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