The internet is obsessed with the lady who reads the North Korea news

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Whenever North Korea makes a major news announcement the world is treated to a familiar face.

No, not Kim Jong-un but veteran news reader Ri Chun-Hee for state broadcaster Korean Central Television (KCTV).

Simply known as 'the pink lady" due to her pink dress which she always wears for these occasions, the 74-year-old is actually retired, but briefly returns to her job to read major headlines on behalf of the government.

Her latest appearance was to confirm North Korea's successful test of a thermonuclear bomb on Sunday.

The test has understandably raised tensions and concerns about the country's intentions but the Internet has found some solace in learning about Ri.

People have become oddly fascinated with her identity, her job and her important role in North Korea.

Her role is so important that her very image can cause crowds to stop in Pyongyang and applause, as reported by CNN.

According to a translated interview by Reuters, Ri is also known as "the people's broadcaster" and was once an actor.

She made the jump after being persuaded by state founder Kim Il-sung, whjo encouraged her to be a passionate speech reader.

Amazingly, she first appeared on TV in 1971 and as this video shows hasn't aged a bit.

As North Korean expert Dr Victor Cha told Mashable, her return to screens should be seen as a clear sign for the communist states intentions.

The fact that they brought her back is a sign of the regime’s desire to return to the hard line Cold War-era ideology of the leader’s grandfather.

It’s no accident that they bring her out.

HT Mashable, Twitter,, Reuters

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