Another day, another furious argument about the government's new lockdown guidelines.

Today things got heated between Piers Morgan and former Tory MP Edwina Currie over Boris Johnson’s new lockdown rules. Currie even made a dig about co-host Susanna Reid supposedly not doing her homework before a debate.

It was all very salty.

On Good Morning Britain, Morgan and Reid hosted a discussion about workplaces being made "Covid-secure". This comes after Johnson said that workplaces will gradually re-open and have guidance on how to be safe to stop the spread of the virus.

But Reid pointed out a flaw in the new advice, saying:

Isn’t it just common sense that if I can see someone at work, why can’t I see a couple of members of my family outdoors in a park?

If I can be at work with lots of people, couldn’t I be out in a park with lots of people I know?

The former Conservative MP then accused Reid of not reading the government’s plan properly. Ouch.

She said:

Well Susanna, the way you put that question suggests to me that you haven’t actually read the government’s plan.

When Susanna made it clear that she had read every word of the document, Currie hit back, saying:

With all due respect, I want to know from you, what is it with social distancing and washing hands that you don’t understand?

Reid retorted:

I understand social distancing - I stay two metres away from anybody else out on the common – but I'm allowed to actually know one of them.

If I see someone else I know, I have to move away from them, towards other people I don’t know.

By this stage Morgan then interjected to say that the new guidelines are “nonsense”. He said that he didn’t understand why cleaners can visit peoples houses but not family members from different households.

This is complete nonsense, I can have a clearer come to my house, but I can’t have either of my two sons. Explain where that makes sense?

Edwina explained that a cleaner is making his home a “cleaner, healthier place” to live.

But Piers said:

One of my sons is a great cleaner, so why can’t he do that?

The pair then got caught in a back and forth as Piers pushed for clarity on the matter, before Currie accused him of “haranguing” her.

Currie said that his son probably could visit his home, but Morgan said that this is against the guidelines as family members from different households are only supposed to meet outside, at least two metres apart.

It seems everyone is still very confused.

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