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Racist incidents have exploded across the US, and the National Association for the Advancement of Coloured People (NAACP) has seen a rise in hate crime, with nearly 60 per cent being racially motivated, and African-Americans being the most targeted group.

The report concludes that under Donald Trump, “anti-black, antisemitic, anti-gay and anti-Latino were the most common type of hate crimes".

A Puerto Rican woman in Arizona was a recent recipient of racial abuse after she asked a white woman if she could sit next to her at a restaurant.

Lennys Bermudez was charging her electric car by the Wildflower Bread Company, a restaurant in North Phoenix, and decided to go inside to get something to eat. The restaurant was full, so she asked a woman if she could sit next to her.

The woman responded, “Do I have a choice?”

Then Bermudez started recording, and the woman unleashed a barrage of racial abuse.

In the video, Bermudez begins by saying: “Well I have never been told that somebody prefers whites.”

The unnamed woman, keeping her eyes on her papers, responded with:

Yes that would be me. I prefer the whole freaking nation to be white. How about that?

Bermudez went on to tell her, “You know that’s never going to happen, right?” to which the woman said:

Oh it’s going to happen. You’re going to be wiped out. Trust me.

She later tells Bermudez to “shut up".

Bermudez wanted clarification one more time, and asked the woman: “But you prefer white people, not me?”

“Definitely!” the woman scoffed, before moving seats.

Bermudez shared the shocking clip on Facebook, and the post was shared almost 3,000 times and viewed almost 460,000 times.

“I hate to say the political climate is to blame for someone’s outrageous behaviour [sic], but I was visibly shaken today with this exchange,” she began.

According to Bermudez, the woman was eventually asked to leave the restaurant.

She was asked to leave the restaurant. The manager of the store that kicked her out also walked me to my car for safety.

I know that the scars of racism run deep in this great country I love. Being Puerto Rican, I am a proud American... and equally proud Puerto Rican. This lady was lucky my PR-ness didn’t come out!!

I wish for a world for my children and my children’s children’s [sic] to never worry about this stuff... but then again, we are who we are.

People on Facebook expressed their outrage online:

One Facebook user wrote:

What the fark! I cant [sic] even. I am so glad that my parents raised me to not see a person's value based on the color [sic] of their skin. People are people. I am disgusted by this woman. I am so sorry you were treated this way. That woman is a disgrace.

Another woman commended the calm way Lennys took the woman’s comments.

I'm appalled at the way some individuals think AND act. It's 2018. We are ALL the same race. The HUMAN Race. We all bleed, and hurt, laugh and love. I think you handled that incredibly outrageous situation admirably, and with grace and tact. I believe the majority of people are good, but a few bad eggs really make everyone look terrible.

I'm so sorry you had to endure a hateful confrontation. Keep your head high, and that beautiful smile bright!

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