An unfortunate male stereotype is the commitment-phobe - the man who will put off marriage until as late as possible.

But there are many other reasons why men hold back on popping the big question, other than crippling cold feet that is.

And they have taken to anonymous confession website Whisper to confess all.

Prepare to be enlightened.

Money issues

Because I can barely afford to feed myself twice a day, let alone buy a ring.

I want to be 100% sure I can support her and a family.

It is a bad business decision. I will not give ANYONE the ability to take half my shit and 15% of my paycheck.

Because I work my ass off and she has a part time job. Just shows me she wants to be taken care of. I’m looking for a teammate not an anchor.

Don't fix what ain't broken

Because we’re happy like we are. Already live together and share a bank account not being married.

Ruining the semi-decent relationship we have right now and thinking marriage would solve it.


I know she wants kids. I’m terrified to raise one. I’m certain I’ll make an awful father.

What if she rejects me? That’s my fear.

Fear of giving my all and then getting cheated on.


I can live *happily ever after* without the legalities

I don’t see the point of marriage. Besides tax credits, what’s the real benefit?

The marriage and divorce system are highly in favour of women, and statistically most marriages end in divorce, so I’ll pass

But some men do fall into the stereotypes

The temptation of other women

Because as soon as you’re married it goes downhill usually.

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