Rishi Sunak mocked for saying these two 'cringeworthy' words to Boris Johnson

What do you get when you cross Rishi Sunak, Boris Johnson and the coronavirus government briefing on Monday evening?

A viral moment, apparently.

After the Prime Minister finished explaining new regulations around local lockdowns, he handed over to the Chancellor of the Exchequer.

But as soon as Sunak took the mic, he remarked:

Thanks PM.

And social media went into a frenzy, calling the moment “cringeworthy”:

And a bit like a teacher’s pet:

So many people tweeted the words “Thanks PM” that it began trending on Twitter:

Lots of people were reminded of “The Inbetweeners”:

In case you were wondering what was actually said in the briefing, Sunak announced that two thirds of people’s wages will now be paid by the government – up to £2,100 a month.

On the new programme, people will have to be off work for at least a week in order to qualify.

Johnson also announced a new three tier lockdown system that will see local lockdowns enforced throughout the country.

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