Republican governor appears to turn off camera during live TV interview after being asked about BLM

Tobi Akingbade
Friday 28 August 2020 08:45

Former Republican Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker appeared to virtually storm out of a CNN interview early on Thursday when anchor Anderson Cooper grilled him on Republicans blaming Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden for the civil unrest in Kenosha.

Video calls can be a little awkward and at the height of the pandemic pretty much everyone has been forced to have meetings over Zoom.

Of course, if you are a public figure, you may have to endure an interview remotely via a video stream.

It seems that the ‘new normal’ no longer involves literally walking out of interviews but rather switching off the cameras at home.

The awkward moment came after Walker took aim at Democrats for not denouncing violent protests over police brutality. Cooper began quizzing the former governor on President Donald Trump’s silence on the Jacob Blake shooting.

Of course, it is not clear what happened to Mr Walker’s device but it appeared as if he opted out of answering the question, moved closer into the view of the camera, touched something as if to press a button, and the camera switched off.

“Looks like we lost our signal,” Cooper said when the video feed was cut. “We apologise for the signal loss but we appreciate Governor Walker’s time. Sorry. Live television.”

Social media users quickly made it clear that they didn’t believe it was a “signal loss”.

Hopefully, Mr Walker will get another opportunity to answer the question.