Terminally ill dog ticks off ‘bucket list’ wish of riding in a police car

Queensland Police

An adorable Staffordshire cross is charming the internet following a ride in a police car after she was diagnosed with terminal cancer.

Owners of the eleven-ear-old Staffy Cross dog, called MuShu, were told that she cannot be saved.

They had gotten MuShu in 2007 as a puppy, and they were overcome with grief when they found out that she was going to die.

Kerry Boyd told Seven News:

The Vets told us we didn’t have many treatment options because she’s got arthritis in her leg.

Kerry and her partner Josh wanted something to remember the pupper by, so they wrote a bucket list for her.

‘It was just a good way to celebrate her life,’ Kerry added.

It’s a hard thing as a dog person to hear that kind of news so to put a positive spin on it and also just to give her an opportunity to let her enjoy her last few weeks or months , whatever it may be.

Queensland Police’s Constable Rachel Skill helped arrange the ride-along, and it was ridiculously cute.

Decked out in a police hat and sunglasses, the internet can’t get enough of her.

Sargent Nigel Dalton told 7 News that Queensland Police were happy to 'help the process'.

In a statement on the Queensland Police website, Sargent Dalton wrote:

It was wonderful to see the smiles on Mushu's parents Kerry and Josh's face and help them enjoy Mushu while she is still well enough.

MuShu has already visited a beauty parlour and her owners plan to take her to a nursing home next.

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