This woman's terrifying Facebook posts are triggering a phobia people didn't even know they have

Greg Evans
Monday 11 September 2017 13:00
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WARNING: If you have Trypophobia don't read further. The following article also contains gory images.

Trypophobia is a fear of groups of small bumps and holes.

If you don't suffer from the condition it might not sound like much, but it is believed to affect around 20 percent of the population.

Not sure? Take a look at these images and discover for yourself.

It can trigger all sorts of reactions including panic attacks and nausea. So it's the last thing you'd really want to see on Facebook.

If so, we suggest you steer clear of special effects artist Bridgette Trevino's profile.

The Texan native recently posted a video on the social media site which appeared to show her hand covered in bloody little holes.

It was kind of terrifying (but also fascinating) and was viewed more than 60,000 times.

However, concerned viewers began reporting it to Facebook who then forced Bridgette to add a warning to her posts.

Picture: Facebook/ Screengrab (Facebook/ Screengrab)

Click through the below Instagram post to see the full video.

Of course, it's all a very clever visual illusion but the messages she has received on Facebook have bordered on the hysterical.

Lad Bible quote her as saying:

People have gone as far as reporting my work and have sent me messages of concern to check I hadn't seriously hurt myself.

I've even had threats to try to make me take down the video and pictures.

I understand that trypophobia is a real thing, although only a small population actually has this.

A lot of people have claimed to have had panic attacks because of my work.

I sympathise but it also only encourages me more. If it's not scary or doesn't get that response I'm not doing my job properly.

Just to completely reassure everyone, here is a video of her removing the make-up.

It certainly reminds us of something from The Walking Dead or a David Cronenberg film, which isn't a bad thing, if that's your bag.

The 24-year-old states that she is self taught and is hoping to land a job in Hollywood as a make-up artist.

If you are brave enough you view more of her work on Instagram. It's not for the faint of heart.

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