The 11 words from Faisal Islam that really got David Cameron angry

David Cameron endured a tough grilling over immigration in the opening minutes of the EU referendum "debate" on Sky News on Monday night.

While he batted away questions with some clearly well-rehearsed lines about the benefits of the single market, one quip from presenter Faisal Islam got him flustered.

After dismissing some of Islam's questioning as glib, the prime minister reeled off a list of establishment figures calling for a vote to remain before being interrupted. Islam then pressed:

Your scaremongering doesn't stop at the economy does it? What comes first: World War Three or the global Brexit recession?

After the first cheers of the night from the studio audience, and Mr Cameron reaching for a glass of water, he appeared to get more and more wound up as the questioning continued.

I think you are being incredibly glib about this.

Read my speech... Look for the words 'World War Three'. You won't find it, you won't find it.

Watch the exchange below:

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