The Greens enjoyed arguably their best-ever performance in a general election this month when they earned the votes of 1.158 million people.

But the party also only managed to hang on to its solitary seat in Brighton Pavilion. Under an electoral system based purely on proportional representation, the Greens should have won 24 seats.

What's less widely known, however, is that the party also lost a staggering amount of money in forfeited deposits.

We've previously reported on how the Lib Dems lost £167,000 through failing, in 334 constituencies, to get the required five per cent of the vote needed to retain a £500-per-seat deposit.

But the Greens actually outdid the Lib Dems, failing to pass that five per cent benchmark in 442 constituencies, costing them £221,000.

A Green Party spokesperson told "The Green Party stood more candidates and retained more deposits at this election than ever before. We also achieved second places in four seats, having never come second before, and our MP Caroline Lucas increased her majority from 1,252 to 7,967 votes."

The Greens added that deposits were raised through crowdfunding campaigns and other donations.

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