A little boy's YouTube channel has won thousands upon thousands of fans for his amazing dinosaur toy videos, and we're not surprised.

It’s about the cutest goddamn thing we’ve ever seen.

The unidentified child, who makes videos featuring the fights and quests of his dinosaur toys, saw his subscriber count rocket overnight after one of his videos was posted to Reddit.

The video in question gives a pterosaur eye view as the camera pans over a set diorama scene, all set to the Jurassic Park theme music.

He also produces animations, which are clearly made with passion and a love for all things paleontological.

In 18 hours his subscriber count increased 300,000 per cent and he received an outpouring of praise and support across his channel's videos.

At present the prehistoric channel has over 70,000 subscribers - he originally had 22.

The budding palaeontologist also does dinosaur reviews, which feature such philosophical gems as:

You cant judge a person by the kind of dinosaur toy they make.


The child has posted an update video, thanking his old and new supporters:

For all of you who have subscribed to me and watched my videos and liked them I would love to say thank you so much, because if it is true, if it’s not just a problem with my computer, it means I will have hit my subscriber goal.

To watch the message, see the update video below:

We love you, dinosaur kid.

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