This optical illusion of two people hugging is breaking the internet

Boom_likean808 / Twitter

In 2015 there was 'The Dress'. Earlier this month, there was 'Yanny or Laurel'. Now, there's 'The Hug'.

A new 'break the internet' optical illusion has been circulating on Twitter, and it's got people seriously perplexed.

In the photograph, a man and a woman are sharing a hug, but it's confusing to work out which head belongs to which body.

In the original tweet by @Boom_likean808, the photo is accompanied by the caption: 'At first I thought he was wearing the heels'.

Some Twitter users were quick to express their confusion.

Others tried to explain that actually, her head is resting on his shoulder.

Some even included useful diagrams to try and figure out what was going on.

However, a few were still unconvinced and were sure that his head was coming out of what they saw as a collar.

The realisation was just too much for some.

While others still just couldn't get their head around it.

One was quick to respond with their own similar illusion just captioning it 'we did it first'.

And another one.

Some just found the whole thing a bit too much.

So do we. However, once you see it you can't unsee it.

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