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Warning: this is going to break your brain

Onwards anyway? We thought so, for this truly mind-bending optical illusion is too good to resist. The illusion - where the pattern starts to disappear if you look at it for around a minute or so - has been doing the rounds on the internet for good reason.

Step one: Stare at the image for around half a minute to a minute, while not moving your eyes.

Step two: Watch as the pattern gradually disappears. 

Step three: Blink and the image will jolt back into view. 

This visual trick, called 'Troxler's effect', works when you fixate on one particular point for even a short period of time. Any unchanging stimulus in your vision, but away from the fixation point, will fade away and disappear.

This is another good example of the same effect. Just stare at the cross in the middle:

People can't cope.

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