This woman keeps getting her Instagram account shut down, but probably not for the reason you think

Some people have accused Instagram of developing an unhealthy censorship habit.

Remember the woman whose Instagram account was suspended because of a cake that apparently looked like female breasts?

Another woman - Californian artist Stephanie Sarley, who has almost 90,0000 followers of her art - has had her Instagram account blocked on three separate occasions.

Sarley posts things like this:

And this:

And this:

And this:

You see why her posts might be problematic.

The first time it was blocked, Sarley told Daily Dot, it was after she posted an image of a banana with pins in it:

The first time, I was deleted when I posted a picture of banana with pins in it—but it wasn’t about that. They suddenly disabled my account, randomly, and then I contested and got it back about a week later.

Fair enough.

However, after her blood orange video went viral, Sarley, who considers the videos her art, fell victim to copyright infringement, as people took her images and made them into memes:

I created the blood orange video, I posted it, and then it went totally viral, and then a day later I got disabled again, after I’d started reporting on copyright infringement. I rampantly reported maybe four or five at once, and there were a bunch of memers... the memer that stole my piece and put his watermark on it had put it on five of his sites, so I was going all over the place doing this...

The reason her account was blocked doesn't appear to be because of her raunchy fruit videos, but appears to be because of a prevailing problem on the internet: copyright infringement.

I get messages from people that are furious that I would dare report on infringement of my own work. I was like, 'Do you get that you’re literally stealing my art?'

Sarley doesn’t stop with blood oranges: she uses a wide range of fruit, including lemons, avocados, papaya and lime to explore female empowerment and sexuality.

indy100 has contacted Instagram for comment

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