It's that time of year again... yes, you guessed it. It's just been the Easter bank holiday weekend, which means that the White House has had its annual Easter Egg roll.

The Easter Egg Roll takes place on the South Lawn of the White House, and is for children aged 13 and younger and their parents. Hosted by the president and the First Lady of the United States, the event saw about 30,000 people stream to the White House on Easter Monday, reports the Daily Mail.

The main event involves kids pushing eggs through the grass with long-handled spoons, while other traditions include the Easter Bunny, musical performances, and a 'reading nook' featuring members of the administration, reports Vanity Fair.

But before they got down to the festivities, Trump decided to pose on the balcony of the White House with the Easter Bunny, and make a speech, in which he said:

Welcome to the 2019 White House Easter Egg Roll! 

This is 141 years we've been doing this, I don't remember the first one... 

Needless to say, the picture of Trump standing with the startled looking bunny quickly went viral, and the jokes began to tentatively write themselves...

Some thought that the Bunny would do a better job of president than either Melania or Donald.

While others wondered whether it was Sean Spicer hiding in the costume?

Yikes, others weren't so kind about the First Lady.

But had a lot of love for the shocked looking bunny.

Maybe it's not Spicer... maybe it's Rod Rosenstein!

Yep, we're definitely getting flashbacks to the Barr press conference on the redacted Mueller report. It's the blank stare that does it.

Wait, it's Pence! Mike Pence!

Forget about the Easter Bunny for president, I'm going with the tulips!

Others flexed their Photoshop capabilities.

The Donnie Darko comparisons also came flooding in.

While one summed it all up.

The photograph of Trump posing with the Easter Bunny wasn't the only strange moment to come out of the 2019 Easter Egg Roll. Trump used the most important date in the Christian calendar to update the children present on his plans for the Border Wall with Mexico, reports Vanity Fair.

Speaking to the bemused group of children, he said:

It’s happening. It’s being built now.

Rightttt, ok... erm, Happy Easter!?

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