Trump now has as many flagged tweets as he does electoral college votes

Trump now has as many flagged tweets as he does electoral college votes

Although the US election was now nearly a month ago and Joe Biden’s win was confirmed 24 days ago, Donald Trump is still complaining.

Despite allowing for the transition of power to begin Trump has been on a never-ending spree of false claims, baseless conspiracy theories, unsuccessful recounts and legal challenges all claiming that the Democrats fixed the election either with crooked voting machines or mail-in ballots that had been cast by dead people.

Nothing is really going to plan for the president at all right now but he keeps on tweeting and tweeting like there is no tomorrow. What this has resulted in is an onslaught of flagged and censored tweets the likes of which have never been seen.

You may have seen what some of the flagged tweets look like but here are a few for example all of which state ‘This claim about election fraud is disputed.’

Any sharing of Trump’s censored tweets has been completely disabled to prevent the spread of misinformation.

The website has been collating all of the president’s flagged tweets as well as the retweets that he has shared which have also been hit with a warning by Twitter. 

Since the election day on 3 November, Trump has tweets or retweets have been flagged or censored 209 times by Twitter. Around 26 of these have since been deleted.

If you combine all of these, including the retweets, with the handful of times that Trump was flagged on Twitter in the months prior to the election the current total in 232 tweets. Why is this significant? Because its the exact amount of electoral college votes that Trump got in the 2020 election.

Here is some visual proof for you.



Twitter first began censoring Trump this year. The first time, funnily enough, was about Joe Biden when Trump shared an edited video of the now president-elect which was flagged as ‘manipulated media’.

He then began to be more frequently censored in the summer when he began to voice criticism of the Black Lives Matter and anti-racism protests however the vast majority of Trump’s censored tweets since then have been related to the election and voter fraud.

All this has resulted in a number of tweets that not only match the number of electoral college votes he achieved but is also likely to succeed the 232 total given that he is being slapped with warnings with almost every other tweet right now.

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