27 of the strangest things that Trump did and said at his latest rally

27 of the strangest things that Trump did and said at his latest rally

Just 24 hours after his previous rally, Donald Trump was back speaking to his people this time from Greenville, North Carolina.

With just weeks to go until the presidential election and Trump still reportedly trailing Joe Biden in polls and in the key swing states, the president is pulling out all the stops to get people to vote for him.

Trump spoke for well over an hour and predictably much of the speech was about Biden and the pandemic so let's see what he had to say on Thursday evening.

Less than two minutes in and Trump was already claiming that if Biden wins the election then China also wins.

We’re going to win the state of North Carolina, and we’re going to win four more years in the White House. This election is a simple choice. If Biden wins, China wins. Do you see what’s going on? When we win, North Carolina wins and America wins. It’s very simple.

Next, Trump alluded to the controversial and unconfirmed stories linking the Bidens to a Ukrainian energy firm and claimed that the Democrat is 'a servant of the wealthy donors and globalist and special interests who got rich bleeding America dry.'

Next, Trump appeared to mock Biden's health, calling him 'half-shot' and complaining that he 'couldn't believe that he was having to fight against him'.

Trump then says that he is running against the 'worst candidate in the history of presidential politics' and questions how he could possibly lose to Biden.

You know what? I’m running against the worst candidate in the history of presidential politics, and if I lose, it puts more pressure.

I wish he was good. I wish he was good, I’d have less pressure. You know what I mean? How do you lose to a guy like this? Like how do you lose to a guy like this?

Moments later, Trump continued to speculate about the Biden Ukraine story and was almost making a joke out of the situation.

Trump also threatens to revoke Section 230 protections from the mainstream media that haven't covered the Hunter Biden story or remained sceptical about it.

Section 230 says that "no provider or user of an interactive computer service shall be treated as the publisher or speaker of any information provided by another information content provider."

Trump then tells a bizarre story about his White House chief of staff Mark Meadows had just tested positive for Covid-19 but still made the trip to North Carolina anyway.

Trump adds that Biden has give control of the Democrats to 'socialists, Marxists and communists' to become the party's candidate.

Joe Biden has made a corrupt bargain, in exchange for his party’s nomination, he has handed control of the socialists … I mean he’s given control of this party, the Democrats, they used to be like normal people. Now they’re socialists, Marxists, communists. That’s right. You said it, I didn’t say it, communists. Some people would say far left lunatics. Look at the Green New Deal.

The president then praises US Marshals for killing a man who allegedly killed someone else in Portland.

Trump then talks about Dr Fauci of his coronavirus task force, which prompts jeers from the audience. Trump attempts to defend him by saying that he's 'a nice guy' but then proceeds to insult him by questioning his stance on masks and calling him a Democrat.

Just hours before he appeared in a Town Hall on NBC, the president openly criticised the network.

Amid the confirmation hearing for Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett, Trump drags up the controversial hearing of Justice Kavanaugh, who was intensely scrutinised in 2018 on accusations of sexual assault.

Trump continues to make pleas to suburban women who he claims to have let had 'the American Dream.'

In a chilling moment, Trump singles out journalists who are in attendance at the rally and calls them "enemy of the people."

Trump then goes on to talk about women breaking the proverbial 'glass ceiling' and brings up his former opponent Hillary Clinton, adding that she is unlikely to smash through the ceiling and neither will Kamala Harris.

Trump then says that somebody recently told him that he was 'the most famous person" in the world. The president claimed to disagree with this person and named Jesus Christ as the one person more famous than he is.

For the second time in two days, Trump mocks the way Joe Biden raises his hand by mimic somebody who is struggling with their arm.

Moving on and Trump starts to talk about coronavirus again and repeats the false claim that the disease will just "peter out."

The vaccine will end the pandemic but it’s ending anyway. I mean, they go crazy when I say it. It’s going to peter out and it’s going to end, but we’re going to help the end and we’re going to make it a lot faster with the vaccine and with the therapeutics and frankly, with the cures.

Trump then goes back to the election and claims that the US will see a 'red wave' next month when Trump wins.

A truly strange moment happens were people cheered while Trump was listing off the unemployment figures under the Obama administration.

Trump then brags about 'loving clean air' and how the US has the 'best environmental numbers,' then proceeds to criticise other nations.

But we have the best environmental numbers, ozone numbers, so many other numbers. In the meantime, China, Russia, India, all these countries, they’re spewing stuff into the air. I keep telling our people. I say, 'I love clean air, but Russia and China,' you look at a map. You have all these spots and India and many others are spewing it in.

He then calls Biden's immigration policy the 'most extreme in history.'

They’re all back, and they were great. They were great. So we do our little things, right? We did that one and it was great. My opponent’s immigration plan is the most extreme in the history of our country. Biden’s plan would eliminate US borders by implementing nationwide catch and release. That’s catch… A murderer comes over, you catch him. What do you do? Well, not much. Most of them don’t say they killed people. You catch them, you take their name, and you release them into our country. It was a big deal.

Trump also claims that if it wasn't for ICE and border patrol, then criminal cartels would have 'rampaged freely' across the United States.

Wall will be completed very soon. MS-13 and criminal cartels would have rampaged freely all over the country if it wasn’t for ICE and border patrol, so we’ve gotten rid of thousands of MS-13. We delivered them back out of our country.

The president adds that if it wasn't for him then the United States would now be in a war with North Korea and boasts about his relationship with Kim Jong-un.

You would’ve have been in a war without me, because North Korea, we were going to have a nice nuclear war with North Korea. And now I get along great with him. And everyone says, “Oh, that’s terrible” that I get along. No, it’s a good thing. Getting along is a good thing, not a bad thing. And you get along through strength, not through weakness. You never get along through weakness.

Trump then claims that he's the only politician who has done more than he promised because he introduced the much-maligned Space Force.

I’m the only politician, if you’d call me that. I’m the only politician that actually did more than I promised, because I never talked about the Space Force. I never talked about it, right? And as I sat for a year and I watched and I saw what was going on with Russia and with China and with others, I said, 'Wait a minute, we’re going to fall away behind. We can’t do that.' And we launched the Space Force.

Despite all the social unrest that the United States has seen this year, Trump still believes that voting for him will result in 'safe communities.'

A vote for Republicans is a vote for safe communities, great jobs, and limitless future. A limitless future for all Americans.

Trump wraps things up by again dancing to the YMCA, which has now become a staple at his rallies.

And with that another Trump rally is in the books. According to his schedule, Trump has seven more rallies between now and Monday. We just hope he's got enough material.

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