A Trump supporter said something so stupid that it made a news anchor facepalm

A Donald Trump supporter said something so stupid that the news anchor resorted to a facepalm.

On an episode of New Day on CNN, one guest told anchor Alisyn Camerota:

Voting is a privilege in this country and you need to be legal, not like California where three million illegals voted.

The guest told Camerota she got this information “from the media”. Quite which media she meant, no one can be sure.

I believe in California there were illegals who voted. I think there was a good amount, because the President told people they could vote and it happened in Nashua; we caught some people. They went into Nashua and they said 'the President said I could vote, I’m here illegally'.

She said she heard President Obama saying illegal people could vote. The news anchor checked online and said:

I see where it came from. Fox Business Network deceptively edited a clip of Barack Obama to argue that the President encouraged illegal immigrants to vote when in fact he’d said nothing of the sort, if you go back to the transcript.

The guest then said California allows people to vote illegally.

An increasingly incredulous Camerota quickly realised the truth wasn’t going to solve this, so she resorted to the facepalm.

Perhaps the guest actually got her news from Donald Trump's unfounded claim last week that milliions of people voted illegally for Hillary Clinton. He tweeted:

In addition to winning the Electoral College in a landslide, I won the popular vote if you deduct the millions of people who voted illegally.

I feel another facepalm coming.

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