American television host Tucker Carlson has been brutally exposed in a video by The Daily Show.

In an entire timeline of his career, featuring some of the most outrageous things he has said, the footage shows how his views have become increasingly extreme over time.

The video mocks Carlson for his “adaptability” as his personal opinions appear to have changed as much his job has over the years.

The now-infamous TV broadcaster began his career in journalism after claiming that “well I’m, like, extraordinarily loaded just from, like, money I, you know, inherited. I’ve never needed to work.” To which, the narrator of the video joked that we could be living in a world where he isn’t on television every evening.

Instead, Carlson became “the liberal’s favourite Conservative” and was actually fairly well-liked and palatable. He eventually became a co-host on CNN, where he was mercilessly rinsed by a Comedy Central guest for being 35 years old and wearing a bow tie every show.

When CNN cut ties, he pivoted into his next role at MSNBC. The video narrator compares footage of his former friends to “Emperor Palpatine going to brunch with Baby Yoda”.

But when that role didn’t last long, he once again transformed, this time into a “shock jock” on a radio show where his views became increasingly polarising and offensive.

With shocking statements like, “I love women but they’re extremely primitive” and “[women] need to be quiet and kind of do what you’re told”, his personal brand that we know today was being formed.

Next up was the website the Daily Caller, followed by the role of “Fox News Superhero”, where he has really become infamous.

Making fun of his many middle names throughout the video, the narration calls Carlson “a beautiful reverse statue of liberty, telling everyone to get their tired, huddled masses out of here”.

But while “any Fox News host could hate immigrants, in fact, most of them did”, Carlson took it a step further with his white supremacist, anti-feminist, climate-change-denying, and racist remarks. To top it off, this year he’s questioned the Covid-19 vaccine, suggested the election was rigged and that Biden is senile.

He’s been sued, but the courts dismissed the case on the basis that an informed viewer would know he is not “stating actual facts”.

Twitter users called the sarcastic summary “devastatingly delicious”.

It really is quite the career descent for someone who once said he doesn’t need to work.

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