We listened to Tony Blair's speech so you don't have to

In a week when Israel stepped up its offensive against Hamas in Gaza, and 270 people were allegedly killed in a 'gas field massacre' by the Islamic Caliphate in Syria, Middle East peace envoy [sic] Tony Blair was in London.

i100 On Gaza: > I am sad and angry about the tragedy of the Gaza conflict, its people pawns in a wider struggle, hundreds of Palestinians including many children losing their lives in this nightmare. I witness the fear and insecurity of Israelis who still see their right to exist under challenge. I long to see two peoples and two states side by side in peace. - - - - - On Europe: > To be against Europe – the biggest economic market and political union in the world – is unthinkable, backward, not representative of our national interest but destructive of it. - - - - -

Mr Blair was speaking at the Phillip Gould Memorial Lecture organised by the Progress think tank (Picture: PA)
On Scotland: > I think ultimately, for Scotland, being part of the UK is in Scottish interests, it is in English interests, it is in the interests of the UK as a whole. - - - - - On the Conservative Party: > Nothing unprincipled about being a Conservative by the way. But it is a different motivation. They are motivated by order, tradition, by the need to preserve and through that disciplined stability, to provide opportunity for those able to seize it.
Tony Blair on 21st July, 1994 (Picture: Getty)
- - - - -
On his personal wealth: > I have to say to you that the reports of my wealth are greatly exaggerated. Just for the record - I read I'm worth £100m. I'm not worth that, a half of that, a third of that, a quarter of that, a fifth of that, and I could go on. - - - - -


You can read the full transcript of Mr Blair's speech here.

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