Woman given suspended jail sentence for poking holes in partner's condoms to try and get pregnant

Woman given suspended jail sentence for poking holes in partner's condoms to try and get pregnant
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A woman in Germany has been sentenced for poking holes in her partner's condoms in a deceitful attempt to get pregnant.

After a regional court in Bielefeld found the unnamed 39-year-old woman guilty of sexual assault against a 42-year-old man, she was handed a six-month suspended jail sentence for her crime, DW reported.

This crime is an example of "stealthing" where a condom is removed without consent during sexual intercourse which is usually done by a man.

"We have written legal history here today," Judge Astrid Salewski reportedly told the court, who investigated if the crime constituted rape but after reading case law about "stealthing" decided on the sexual assault charge instead.

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The woman is said to have begun a casual relationship with her victim at the beginning of 2021. However, she had developed deeper feelings for the man during this time but he didn't feel the same way who prefered their "friends with benefits" relationship.

This is when the woman then began to poke holes in the man's condoms he kept on his nightstand.

Although the woman was unsuccessful in her attempts at getting pregnant, she sent the man a What's App message where she admitted to tampering with his rubbers and thought she was pregnant, local newspaper Neue Westfälische and DW reported.

In response to finding this out, the victim decided to press charges against the woman who later confessed to she attempted to manipulate her partner.

"This provision also applies in the reverse case. The condoms were rendered unusable without the man's knowledge or his consent," Salewski said in her decision.

"No means no here as well," she added.

This historic case in Germany comes after California became the first state to prohibit “stealthing,” or removing a condom without permission during intercourse by making it a civil offence last October.

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