Yes, a woman did ask the BBC to help her identify a marijuana plant

When pensioner Patricia Hewitson contacted BBC Radio Devon to help identify a "weed" in her garden, we doubt she was expecting it to be exactly that.

Ms Hewitson, of Exmouth, asked for help from BBC Radio Devon's show The Potting Shed - who told her she had unwittingly grown a 1.5m cannabis plant.

"I sent a picture in via email and I got a couple of interesting emails back, including one from the police. They said they wouldn't prosecute me as I'd done it in good faith," she said.

A spokesperson for the BBC told i100: "It is a genuine story. The expert advised the caller to contact the police."

A spokesperson for Devon and Cornwall Police told i100: "Although it is an offence to possess illegal drugs, under circumstances such as this where there is clearly no intent to possess an illegal drug, it is not in the public interest to take any further action.

"Anyone who comes into possession of an illegal drug should either destroy it or take it to a police officer."

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