GB News presenter Neil Oliver has proclaimed that he would “cheerfully risk catching Covid for the sake of freedom” in a bizarre monologue on GB News.

Speaking during his own show Neil Oliver Live, the presenter described how he believed “it’s all and only about freedom.”

“If your freedom means that I might catch Covid from you then so be it. If my freedom means that you might catch Covid from me then so be it. That’s honestly how I see it,” he said.

“For the sake of freedom, yours and mine together, I will cheerfully risk catching Covid - that is a chance, one among many, I am prepared to take, and happily.”

Of course, this take didn’t go down well at all, as people took to Twitter to criticise Oliver’s monologue, highlighting the fact that vulnerable people with medical conditions and disabilities are still at risk.

Oliver also made multiple references to World War II and described how in the beginning of the fight to prevent the tyranny of the Nazi’s “it was a minority -- a minority outgunned and shouted down by fellow citizens -- who feared that deals might be struck with tyranny, that stood up and shouted no.”

Basically comparing the “tyranny of the Nazi’s” to those getting the jab and support the lockdowns and those who stopped the Nazi’s to anti-vaxxers and those who are anti-lockdown.

Later he referred to the Battle of Britain, and said: “Those Spitfires and Hurricanes were piloted by men and also by boys not long out of school. They risked everything for freedom. Mine and yours. A last measure of devotion.”

Oliver ended his monologue by making further strange remarks between the Battle of Britain and the pandemic, and compared people who shared his views to the British fighter pilots who were “outgunned.”

“There’s another Battle of Britain being fought now, being fought by a minority outgunned and shouted down by those who would accept freedom handed to them by MPs on condition that they do as they are told.

“That’s not freedom, that is tyranny and I for one will not live under that yolk.”

Oliver fails to acknowledge that over 130,000 people have died from Covid in the UK since the start of the pandemic.

People on Twitter also slammed Oliver for using the sacrifice of the war dead by comparing them to himself in order to justify his own views regarding Covid.

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