QAnon leader who claims she is Queen of Canada declares herself leader of the world

QAnon leader who claims she is Queen of Canada declares herself leader of the world
QAnon is Already Spreading a Conspiracy That the Uvalde, Texas School Shooting ...

Canada's so-called Queen of QAnon, Romana Didulo, has reportedly declared herself ... queen of the world.

Didulo is a British Columbia resident, reportedly in her 50s, who has taken a leadership role in the Canadian QAnon community. Using the app Telegram, Didulo appeals to the far-right conspiracy theorists of Canada with her rhetoric.

The QAnon leader has declared in the past she is Queen of Canada - and now she's declaring herself global.

According to reporting from Vice, Didulo and her team announced to followers that she is the queen of the world as she continues to tour around Canada.

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"The entire team was privileged to hear Queen Romana speak to the United States Commander and Chief via telephone and hear the intel disclosed. Wait for it…. ” Romana Didulo’s press secretary said to followers in a Quebec camping ground parking lot. "Queen Romana is the leader of the world!”

“Queen Romana has done all of the heavy lifting, and now it is up to ‘we the people’ to stand in our authority and put these decrees into place,” the press secretary said. ”The only visible leader on this planet is her royal majesty Queen Romana, period, and that’s a mic drop.”

Since declaring herself Queen of Canada, Didulo has posted 'royal decrees' to her 70,000 followers on Telegram. Some of these include telling people to stop paying their bills because they are 'unethical' and declaring Victoria, British Columbia the capital of Canada.

Didulo has circulated false theories about the Covid-19 vaccine, said Russian President Vladimir Putin was right in invading Ukraine, and more harmful conspiracy theories.

Last year, Didulo told followers to hand out cease-and-desist letters to schools or businesses that carry-out vaccinations, mask mandates, and other Covid restrictions.

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