Donald Trump blames his indictment on a surprising new enemy in his latest rant

Donald Trump blames his indictment on a surprising new enemy in his latest rant
Trump makes bizarre claims over 'staged photos' of boxes at Mar-a-Lago

Donald Trump has proven an expert in making enemies in recent years – but his latest target could be the most unhinged yet.

The former president took to Truth Social, his social media app, on Wednesday to rant about many of his regular villains such as the “radical left” and “marxists & communists”.

He said attempts by authorities to indict him on charges of mishandling sensitive files in recent weeks had led to “really big fundraising” and “even greater polls”. So far, so Trump.

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But the 77-year-old also singled out a new demographic for criticism: “mutants”. And it has left people on social media scratching their heads.

One person suggested that he was referring to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Meanwhile, another commenter said they would happily be a mutant if it meant not supporting Trump.

It comes after Trump, who celebrated his birthday on the same day as the post, pleaded not guilty to criminal charges alleging he retained classified documents after he left the White House.

Prosecutors alleged that US government secrets were stored in bathrooms, bedrooms, and even a shower of his Mar-a-Lago estate.
Trump is the first US president – current or former – to be hit with a federal criminal indictment.

That has not stopped him from campaigning to get back into the White House, however.

His latest post on Truth Social indicates a further doubling down on claims that the charges against him are part of a “hoax”.

Chicago-based anti-Trump podcaster Tom Joseph had a more optimistic take – that it could be a sign of desperation from the former US leader.

“Rs are starting to peel away from him, so he claims the opposite- being indicted is a fundraising win,” he said. “It's all falling apart.”

Whether his prediction is right remains to be seen, but Trump’s all-caps rants show no signs of letting up.

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