Trump sells out Elon Musk jet location on Truth Social

Trump sells out Elon Musk jet location on Truth Social
Elon Musk's money not enough to dissuade Twitter account from tracking his …

Truth Social users got a surprise push notification after Elon Musk suspended the jet-tracking Twitter account ElonJet and its creator, Jack Sweeney.

"Latest: Twitter SUSPENDS @ElonJet 🤯 Follow him here on Truth Social!" The notification read.

On Wednesday, Musk suspended ElonJet, Sweeney, and his other jet-tracking accounts like CelebJets for "doxxing real-time location info" which he said is a "physical safety violation."

Musk added that while his two-year-old son, X, was riding in a car, a person began following the car and blocked it from moving believing Musk to be in the car as well.

"Legal action is being taken against Sweeney & organizations who supported harm to my family," Musk added.


Sweeney, who made a Truth Social account in October, pivoted to the platform owned by Donald Trump.

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"Elon gave me no warning," Sweeney wrote on Truth Social. "Plus he suspended all of my accounts, half of which track aircraft (NASA aircraft, experimental aircraft, weather, airforce etc). not people including my personal."

JxckS / Truth Social

Sweeney set up another ElonJet account on Truth Social using the same bot to automatically post information based on publicly available flight tracking information.

He also added a TrumpJets account to track the former president's plane, much to the interest of Truth Social users.

Although Sweeney has ElonJet accounts on Facebook, Instagram, Mastodon, and Telegram, some Twitter users reported that they could not share links to his other social media accounts.


Like Mastodon, Truth Social offers Twitter-like features for people looking for an alternative to the social media website.

However, due to its heavy ties to Trump and right-wingers, it has struggled to become profitable and increase the number of users.

But now that Sweeney has moved over, he may bring loyal fans over as an easy way to keep track of the private jets flying Musk and other celebrities around the world.

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