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Do you live in the sweariest place in Britain?

Do you live in the sweariest place in Britain?

Why are people so f---ng angry in Redcar? That is the question many will ask of the North Yorkshire seaside resort, previously famed for its racecourse and steelworks, after a nationwide survey found its residents are the most likely to swear on Twitter.**

Scientists at the Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis (Casa) at UCL investigated patterns of Twitter profanity by monitoring tweets sent from a smartphone with geo-location switched on, from the week beginning 28 August.

The F-word was the most featured swear word in all of the tweets collected over the course of the week, although it only accounted for 2.16 per cent of tweets that were sent, the study broadcast today on the Radio 4 programme Future Proofing found.

Redcar and Cleveland was found to be the No 1 area in the UK for the number of profanities, with almost 8 per cent of tweets from that area containing some kind of swear word.

Here are the areas with the most swearing, according to the study

  1. Redcar and Cleveland

  2. Clackmannanshire

  3. East Ayrshire

  4. Falkirk

  5. Strabane

  6. North Lanarkshire

  7. Wellingborough

  8. Corby

  9. Northumberland

  10. North Ayrshire

And the five least sweariest towns:

  1. Orkney Islands

  2. Shetland Islands

  3. Oxford

  4. Westminster

  5. Kensington and Chelsea

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