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Man discovers that his ex-girlfriend has been stealing his Netflix in the most ingenious way

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Let's be honest, we have all shared out Netflix password with someone else.

Friends, family and housemates is fine but it should be limited to just those numbers. Any more just gets confusing.

A big no-no when it comes to Netflix password etiquette is ex-boyfriends and ex-girlfriends.

Imagine discovering that your ex had carried on watching the one show that you used to snuggle up with. That would be pretty heartbreaking.

Well, one man did learn this but not in the way that you would imagine.

A tweet posted earlier this week by the account '@yellowgengar2' showed a picture of the Netflix profile screen. Nothing unusual there until you notice something called 'Settings.'

However, this wasn't the real settings page but a profile set up by his former girlfriend and had been sitting there for two months without anyone noticing.

This is some truly impressive work by the woman and the post went viral thanks to her ingenuity.

Even Netflix themselves where impressed.

Bravo, to whoever this woman is but it's sayonara for anyone who is thinking about trying this themselves.

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