Glee stars Amber Riley and Kevin McHale beg fans to stop 'judging' them for not posting about Naya Rivera on social media

The search for actor Naya Rivera continues after the former Glee star went missing while out boating with her son last week in California.

Since Rivera’s disappearance, the world has reacted with shock and devastation to the tragic story.

Now her former co-stars Amber Riley and Kevin McHale have broken their silence to set the record straight on their feelings towards the ongoing search for Rivera.

Riley said that co-stars, friends and family of the actor don’t owe anyone a “performance of grief”.

She added that “we”, presumably meaning her Glee co-stars, “don’t matter right now” when the search for Rivera is ongoing.

McHale then implored people to stop “judging” those who have not expressed their grief publicly, adding that he was “completely shattered” by what’s happened.

The statements come amid growing confusion on social media in the Glee fan community about the silence from key cast members over Rivera’s disappearance.

But we’re with Riley and McHale on this one: just because someone isn’t expressing grief or sadness as openly as you, or in a way you understand, doesn’t mean they aren’t feeling it.

Hopefully soon Rivera’s family, friends and fans will know what really happened to her. But until then, now is the time for kindness and compassion.

Right now, the search for Rivera continues.

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