Who Wants to be a Millionaire: Can you answer the million pound question?

Who Wants to be a Millionaire: Can you answer the million pound question?

On the UK edition of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? the heralded million-pound question has been asked just 11 times.

The most recent of these came on Monday night when contestant John Robinson reached the final question on the show after using all of his lifelines.

It was the first time that anyone had reached the milestone on the show since 2006 and was the first time that new host Jeremy Clarkson had witnessed anyone reach the jackpot question.

This time around the question revolved around from British prime ministers and their previous jobs in government. Sounds, simple enough, right? That's not always the case though, is it?

The question was:

Which of these UK prime minister never served as foreign secretary?

A. Winston Churchill

B. Alec Douglas-Home

C. Anthony Eden

D. Harold Macmillan

For Robinson, this question was a bridge too far and he decided to walk away with a cool £500,000, conceding that such a vast sum of money was too much to risk on a guess.

However, if you were in Robinson's shoes could you have answered the question? Have a go for yourself in the quiz below.

How did you get on? Are you now a fictional millionaire? Or did you falter and slide back down to the £32,000 checkpoint.

The answer was probably the most obvious name on the list, with Winston Churchill never serving as the foreign secretary before his ascension to number 10.

To date only five people have ever won the top prize on the show, this doesn't include the notorious Charles Ingram, who was found guilty of cheating to win the million pound.

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