Chilling Netflix series American Nightmare is freaking out the internet

Chilling Netflix series American Nightmare is freaking out the internet
American Nightmare trailer

Chilling new Netflix true crime series American Nightmare has taken the internet by storm as viewers have been left in a “state of shock”.

Every now and then, a new Netflix show comes along that becomes a viral sensation. In lockdown in 2020, the infamous Tiger King docu-series gripped the world, while Squid Game also became another huge global phenomenon.

Now it is the turn of the three-part docuseries American Nightmare, which viewers have described as “the real-life Gone Girl”.

The series follows the story of the disappearance of a woman named Denise Huskin. In 2015, an intruder broke into the home of Denise Huskin and her boyfriend Aaron Quinn in Vallejo, California. The pair were drugged and Huskins was abducted and held for ransom.

Police failed to believe Quinn’s version of events and began to suspect him of being responsible. The plot thickened further when two days later, Huskins reappeared near her parents’ home in Huntington Beach, California, alive and well.

After her sudden reappearance, police accused the pair of staging the kidnapping and urged them to withdraw their statement and apologise publicly.

The series explores how the couple had to fight to have their traumatic incident taken seriously and what unfolded.

American Nightmare has certainly had an impact on viewers as they have taken to social media to express their shock.

“I just finished American Nightmare on Netflix and I am in a complete state of shock,” one person wrote on X/Twitter.

After watching it, another said: “I'm still so emotional and p***ed off.”

Someone else added: “The absolute JOURNEY #AmericanNightmare just put me through, oh my God.”

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