Katy Perry suffers wardrobe malfunction during impromptu performance on American Idol

Katy Perry suffers wardrobe malfunction during impromptu performance on American Idol
Katy Perry rips pants while performing on 'American Idol'

Monday night's episode of American Idol had some memorable performances - including one by judge Katy Perry in which the singer ripped her pants in the middle of a song.

Contestants performing in this week's Hollywood Week began chanting 'Katy' and singing along to her famous song Teenage Dream leading the 37-year-old judge to perform an impromptu version of the song.

As Perry sang the bridge of the song, "Imma get your heart racing in my skin-tight jeans, Be your teenage dream tonight," she squatted down in skin-tight pants which caused the pants to rip.

Perry covered the rip with her hand as she walked toward staff asking, "can I get some tape?"

Perry's co-judges, Lionel Richie and Luke Bryan laughed at the malfunction and covered for Perry as she took care of the problem. Contestants in the audience found the situation very funny as well.

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Producers and Bryan helped Perry tape up the hole in her skin-tight red pants with bright yellow duct tape.

The hysterical incident didn't phase Perry one bit as this is the second time she has ripped her pants on Idol. In 2018 the judge's pants ripped while she was filming the show's all-star duet week.

When that happened, Richie helped cover up Perry's pant malfunction.

Perry handled the situation like the pro she is. She's no stranger to the wardrobe mistakes that can happen when giving a live performance.

Back in 2015 when Perry performed at the Super Bowl Halftime Show, she ripped a costume in half while moving from one set to another during rehearsals.

"This is why we do rehearsals with costumes," she said while leaving the story on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Compared to a costume ripping in half, a small rip in the pants is no problem for Perry.

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