Eleven signs you are smarter than average

Picture: Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images
Picture: Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

Scientists have been trying to measure intelligence for hundreds of years, and the Intelligence Quotient (IQ) tests have been one way of doing that.

However IQ tests have received criticism for at best measuring only one aspect of intelligence, and at worst, being "fundamentally flawed."

But here are 11 other ways you could be smarter than average:

1. You speak more than one language

Studies have shown that speaking more than one language can slow the rate of diseases like Alzheimer's. It also affects a person’s brain development and efficiency.

The more languages you speak, the more efficient your brain will be.

Tom Hiddleston, AKA Loki, is reported to speak nine languages, including: English, Spanish, French and Greek.

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2. Having an IQ higher than 100

The average IQ in the UK is 100. Although, as mentioned above, IQ is only one measure of intelligence, but it can still be used as an indicator.

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3. Being the oldest child

Yes, finally being oldest is good for something!

One study showed that the oldest child scored higher in an IQ test by an average of three points than his/her younger siblings. This doesn’t appear to be genetic, and is related to familial interactions in the home.

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4. Being a cat person

Cat people are less social but a research paper surveyed 600 university students and found that of the 11 per cent who preferred cats over dogs, they scored higher on a test which measures personality and intelligence.

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5. You drink

Multiple studies have been able to connect high intelligence with drinking more alcohol than most people. According to a 2013 survey, university graduates drank more as they aged, compared to people who didn't attend university. Not only that, but smart children generally grow up to be bigger drinkers than their less bright contemporaries.

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6. You have completed a university degree

Only 35 per cent of the UK working population (16 to 64) have graduate-level qualifications. Many more enroll in university, but not everyone ends up graduating.

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7. You’re left handed

Left-handed people make up approximately 10 per cent of the world’s population, and while no one is sure what causes handedness, there are studies which show lefties have slightly better cognitive skills.

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8. You’re a worrier

Apparently, worrying may not be such a bad thing.

One researcher asked 126 undergraduates to fill out a questionnaire about how often they ruminated about something which upset them, and findings showed that those who worried the most scored higher in verbal intelligence than those who didn’t.

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9. You’re funny

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A study of how we perceive attractiveness reveals that people who scored higher on abstract reasoning and verbal intelligence tended to also be funnier, which in turn made them more attractive.

10. You're lazy

Researchers at the Florida Gulf Coast University found that intelligent people are rarely bored by their own thoughts. The side effect of this ability to entertain oneself, is that smart people can and will sit for hours on end, lost in thought. By attaching fitness trackers to the study's participants, the researchers found that those who wanted to avoid mentally taxing subjects tended to be more active during weekdays, compared to the more thoughtful and comrades.

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11. You doubt your intelligence

A healthy dose of self doubt may actually reveal you are more intelligent.

Ancient greek philosopher Socrates said:

The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.

The Dunning-Kruger effect, observed in 1999 by Justin Kruger states that intelligent people are more readily able to detect and correct their mistakes.

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