15 pictures of George Osborne looking like he's hatching an evil plan

George Osborne has just delivered the first all-Conservative budget in 19 years, and it's safe to say it makes him look more like the Sheriff of Nottingham than Robin Hood.

The "one nation" budget will leave the bottom 20 per cent of households "unequivocally" worse off by up to £1,100, according to the Institute of Fiscal Studies, and the country is also facing £12billion in welfare cuts and benefit freezes by 2019/20.

In the spirit of mischief-making, we present 15 pictures of George Osborne either looking like he's doing his very best villain impression, or he's gleefully stumbled over an economic idea inspired by the dark arts:

1. Ah, Mr Balls. I've been expecting you.

2. See this? This is public money. You're not getting it.

3. An upturned collar is particularly good for creating a menacing effect.

4. Zoolander may have had 'blue steel', but Osborne's got whatever this is.

5.(Pulls laser gun out of jacket pocket)

6. This might be a grumpy cat impression, but still: be afraid. Be very afraid.

7. Inspecting work on the new secret evil genius laboratory.

8. Interrupted from looking at his dastardly plans.

9. Because every supervillian needs a goofy sidekick.

10. Throwing some serious shade.

11. "Release the hounds."

12. You can run but you can't hide.

13. Embrace the Dark Side, my son.

14. Nothing says 'caught in the middle of doing something you know you shouldn't be' more than this face.

15. "And when George saw the breadth of his domain, he wept for there were no more worlds to conquer."

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