9 secrets women will never tell men

Men spilled their guts last week on the secrets they hide from women, and now indy100 has scoured Reddit for women's deepest darkest secrets.

Here are 9 things women claim they never want to tell men about.

1. 'Boob sweat.'

2. 'Winter is awesome because you don't have to shave your legs.'

3. 'Women's urine flow rate is better than men's apart from 18-45. It's better before and after those stages because men's goes in a bell curve whereas women's is static'

4. 'Every girl who has ever taken a guy home has weighed the risk that he could rape/kill/traffic her against how much she likes him.'

5. 'Not every period is the same, and lots of girls don't have periods for a variety of reasons, e.g. the progesterone only pill, the coil / implant, they're underweight or have polycystic ovaries.

6. 'Holding your boobs actually helps you solve problems better and can calm you down.'

7. 'That we often get people to proofread texts. To make sure they don't come across as too 1) eager 2) casual 3) formal'

8. 'Making ourselves look deliberately less attractive for work in order to be taken seriously.'

9. 'We also masturbate.'

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