The 11 funniest reactions as Banksy reveals surprise North London mural

The 11 funniest reactions as Banksy reveals surprise North London mural
Suspected Banksy tree mural appears in London

After Banksy confirmed a new mural in North London was his work, people have been posting hilarious reactions online in response.

The mysterious artist confirmed he was the one behind a mural that popped up 'overnight' on the side of a building on Hornsey Road near Finsbury Park.

Confirming the work on Instagram, Banksy posted a picture of a lifeless tree with the blank backdrop of a wall behind it.

In the second image, green paint made to look like foliage can be seen painted on the back wall.

In the bottom left hand corner is someone painted onto the wall that appears to be holding a pressure sprayer while looking up at the paint.

A lot of people on social media speculated if the mural was a Banksy online on the morning of March 18.

That was before Banksy confirmed the art was his in a social media post.

And there have been a number of hilarious reactions on that post, along with a number of Tweets.

An Instagram user wrote in the comments: "Points for not getting any paint on the tree."

Another said: "They will do well to nick this one!"

One more added: "Wonder how they're gonna steal the wall now."

"Must've heard the conspiracy that Kate Middleton = Banksy," said another.

Others took to X/Twitter to share their reactions.

Residents told the PA news agency they were 'proud and delighted' at the thought of the anonymous artist choosing their street for his latest mural.

Wanja Sellers, a Hornsey Road resident who lives a few doors down from the mural, said: "We're so proud and delighted that Banksy chose our road and chose Finsbury Park for his work.

"The bright green colours represent Islington which is lovely and also, of course, St Patrick's Day which is nice and festive.

"Choosing the colours of our borough just makes it feel like a personal message to us residents. We just feel so proud."

Lidia Guerra, another Hornsey Road resident, said: "The way it's been done with the paint spraying down reminds me of a weeping willow, so there's perhaps a message about the struggle of nature with the dead tree in front.

"It's just great - when we read about it last night, we knew we to come and see it as soon as possible.

"We feel so proud to think he chose our street."

Additional reporting by PA.

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