Boris Johnson made a video about helping school kids and everyone said the same thing

Boris Johnson made a video about helping school kids and everyone said the same thing
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Boris Johnson has made it clear how much he cares about schools and the impact of education, by making a video to say how much he cares – and sharing it on Twitter.

In between helping Ukraine and avoiding anything Partygate related, the prime minister took to the screen to outline a concept that has existed for many years now: teaching.

"If your child falls behind in either English or Maths, we will make sure that school steps in to help with tutoring to make up the ground that they need," he said in the clip that featured a class of primary school children.

"By the time pupils leave primary school, 90 per cent of them are reaching the expected standard in English and Maths – that's 40 per cent higher than the current levels of attainment.

"This is absolutely crucial for our country. It's crucial for our economy, for our long-term future. But it's also the right thing to do to level up our country across the whole of the UK."

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He signed off the breakthrough clip by congratulating the children on the books they've been reading, encouraging them to "try to keep reading."

Inevitably, social media did what it does best. And while some people perceived his message as "patronising and arrogant," others had a field day.

One witty Twitter user said, "After a dozen years in power, the Tories are now about to tackle illiteracy and innumeracy in schools. Why didn't you teachers think of that, eh?"

While another hilarious response read: "Thank you for this inspirational idea which has never previously occurred to anyone working in education. A true breakthrough."

A third remarked: "Schools have been doing this since about 5 minutes after they were invented."

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