Rollerblading Covid officers in China use 'go home gun' that shouts at people to go home

Rollerblading Covid officers in China use 'go home gun' that shouts at people to go home
Shanghai residents angry over China’s strict COVID lockdown

In an effort to maintain the "zero Covid policy" in China, Covid control officers are implementing creative ways to keep residents inside, including rollerblading around with a megaphone ... that yells at people to go home.

In a video posted by Twitter user known as 'The Wonton Don', a Covid control officer approaches a resident walking outside of their home with a megaphone that yells, "Hui Jia" meaning return home.

"Covid control officers in #Shanghai have started breaking out the GO HOME GUN aka a megaphone that just repeats 'Hui Jia' (Return Home)”. Dystopian AF," The Wonton Don wrote.

In a separate tweet, the Twitter user posted a video of a covid control officer on rollerblades with the same megaphone. "The GO HOME GUN just got a lot more mobile!" He wrote.

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The lockdown in China comes as infections surged in February and March largely due to the Omicron variant.

"Perfect for family that overstays at holidays," Twitter user, Ouachita, replied jokingly.

The "go home gun" is just one of many methods Chinese Covid officers are using to keep people from spreading Covid.

Officers fly drones with a speaker attached to spread information to citizens, others disinfect the streets and buildings while residents are inside, and others disburse food and necessities to those not permitted to leave their homes.

Reports from inside Shanghai and other cities and towns reveal the frustration citizens feel with the restrictions. Food shortages and lack of non-Covid related medical care have added to the frustration and fear many are facing.

One Twitter user sympathized with residents experiencing harsh lockdown restrictions

"Miss Shanghai a lot as I'm sure you do Donnie but getting tougher and tougher to imagine going back there with everything I'm seeing," Bill replied to The Wonton Don.

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