Turns out you've been cleaning your toilet brush all wrong

Turns out you've been cleaning your toilet brush all wrong
'This cat has been trained to use its hoomans' toilet '

TikTok is filled with genius tips, tricks and hacks – and with 'spring clean' season upon us, there's no better destination for inspiration.

In a clip that has racked almost 900,000 views, Aesthetically in Home shared the "best bathroom hacks" she'd learnt from TikTok. Viewers were stunned when she showed them we've been washing our toilet brushes wrong this entire time.

The TikToker demonstrated a quick, easy and cheap trick to keep your toilet brush clean and fresh for longer. All that is needed is bleach.

The video showed the brush resting on the toilet bowl and underneath the lid, to which she explained: "Always leave the toilet brush to air dry."

The user then poured bleach into the toilet brush holder, saying: "Adding some toilet cleaner in the toilet brush holder creates extra freshness."

Fellow TikTok users headed to the comments, with one thanking her for sharing the tip: "Never thought about putting in some cleaner in the bottom of the brush holder. Great tips, thanks!"

Another recommended using Zoflora for extra freshness. "Better to use a cap of Zoflora in the toilet brush holder," they said.

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The cleaning inspo account also shared the old-age trick of using cupboard essentials to "save" their "blocked" bathroom sinks.

She started by pouring washing up liquid around the plughole before adding bicarbonate of soda and white vinegar. When the cocktail of household ingredients reacted, she rinsed it down the drain with boiling water.

While some people have sworn by the homemade concoction for years, some have argued that while the temporary fix may help clear light blockages, it will not fully clear out drains.

It has also been noted that it will be ineffective for heavy clogs - still, it's all pretty good advice in our eyes.

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