Lizzo breaks down calling out 'fatphobic' and 'racist' comments

A new problematic trend, said to be deep-rooted in fatphobia, has sparked concerns across TikTok.

The trend-in-question shows people wearing oversized, baggy clothes with a text overlay: "When people think I'm fat because I wear big clothes."

The person then lifts their hoodie in a "gotcha" moment to reveal a "slim" frame.

See examples below:

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never judge a book by its cover :) #fyp #foryou #nz #viral?

The strange new flex has been slammed by users, with TikTok user Victoria mirroring the trend and rightfully penning as the caption: "It's just weird at this point".

One concerned viewer responded: "Every couple of months there’s a trend similar to this. It’s tiring, how do ppl not see a problem with it".

A second reiterated: "No but for real, why do they always bring this trend back every 6 months just in a different font???"


idc its just w3¡rd at this point.

In a separate viral clip, Victoria wrote: "ur BIGGEST fear is looking like me?? damn thats crazy boo, lmk if you need to borrow a top from torrid tho!!"

The video shows the TikToker using a cartoon effect running away from the police.

Along with the audio that sings "it's cool when they do it, it's a problem when I do it", the text overlay reads: "Commenting 'twins' when thin people participate in fatphobic trends where they complain about how 'fat' they are."


ur BIGGEST fear is looking like me?? damn thats crazy boo, lmk if you need to borrow a top from torrid tho!!

Another TikToker, Mackenzie Moore (@chunkymak), urged people participating in the trend to consider how others feel when posting. She asked how they would feel if their body was "deemed as disgusting," writing: "It doesn’t feel good, does it?"

She also shared a reminder that "you don't have any right to know about a fat person's health".

One praised the TikToker, saying: "You are slowly making me love myself again! I love having representation of my own body type! And you are sooo freaking beautiful to me!"

"PERIOD PERIOD PERIOD," another added.

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